Located in Valley Village, California, Simple Roger Studios is where songs are developed, cd's are created, artists control their own projects. The vibes are tangible. Contact Larry to find out if it's the space for you.

Past Cd projects recorded at Simple Roger Studios:
"The Call", "I Will Be", "Journey Home", "Discover Love" - Joe Sikorra
"Steve Smith", "Steve Smith 10050", "Dreamer", "The Free Spirit", "Dream Wicked" - Steve Smith
"My Father's Daughter", "We Sail" - Maggie Baird
"The Enzymes" - The Enzymes
"Off The Porch" - Pocket
"Wyatt Stone" - Wyatt Stone
"Leave This Town" - Big Red Sky
"Pit Sounds" - The G-Notes
"Bluer Pastures" - Bluer Pastures
"Yelling at the Mosquito"- Dave Norman
"Hard Drive"- Spyder Blue
"Grandi Atmosfere", "La Musica Delle Stelle"-- Dr. Fiorella Terenzi
"Ploughboys" - Ploughboys