thomas dolby

cindi lauper

the pointer sisters

ofra hasa

wendy lands [songs from "the pianist"]

kelly clarkson [american idol]

rolling stones

earth wind and fire

angela bowie


tin drum

dread zeppelin

the maykerz

patsy moore

tom franzak

michael ward

laura creamer

jane fontana



village of odd waters

peter mccann

ted jacobs

honey pig

bluer pastures

8 ball blaine,

spyder blue

andrea louise

kyle johnson

anna ferraro

carla hassett

dave norman

j. eric freedner

debra bishop,

lindsay tomasic

mark landis

richard reese

the cain 'n ablers

sheyenne social club


On soundtracks for:
"jynxed" [bette middler], "still smokin'"[cheech 'n chong], "club vampire" [roger corman], "ski school" and "ski school2" [monarch home video], "tapeheads"[pacific arts], "s.f.w."[a&m films], "curly sue" [john hughes films], 500 years-land of the people[native american documentary]

tin drum, thomas dolby, martha davis, dread zeppelin, lauren wood, angela bowie, sumner, repairs, michele vice, closet surfers, tom franzak, micael ward, laura creamer, honey pig, bluer pastures, jane fontana, andrea louise, village of odd waters, the maykerz, debra bishop, bus money, forecast blues band, 8 ball blaine, anna ferraro, teda brache, mark landis, kyle johnson, the mighty drones, the natural plan, the talismen, addie, the cain 'n ablers, sheyenne social club, the groundling theatre [pit band], david vidal, dave bennet, doc lawrence

grammy nomination 1988 for best instrumental arrangement accompanying a vocal ["the key to her ferrari"]

bands and recording artists:
martika song - "water" - Columbia
repairs - 4 songs - Motown
tin drum song - "south african way"
bluer pastures - 2 songs
cain "n ablers - 3&1/2 songs
the maykerz
dr. fiorella terenzi - songs for cd with book - "la musica delle stelle"
dave norman - co-compositions - "yelling at the mosquito"

1 saturday morning - nommercials - disney
a&e - soundtrack for documentary - "wild ride of outlaw bikers"
a&e - soundtrack for documentary - "vivian leigh"
nicolodeon - cartoon music - "lollygaggan"
nicolodeon - cartoon music - "elise, mere mortal"
oxygen - animation music - "x chromosome"
animal planet - song "dark horse"
booker - song for tv
fame - 3 songs for tv
homicide, life on the streets - sweetening of opening theme; alternative theme
another world - songs and instrumentals for tv soaps
the guiding light - songs and instrumentals for tv soaps
as the world turns - songs and instrumentals for tv soaps
"plushing square" - animation music, opening theme
many more....

Music for movies:
tapeheads - song performed by sam moore & jr. walker
car 54 song - "girl of my dreams"
ski school - instrumental
ski school2 - instrumental
club vampire - song - a roger corman movie
forbidden games - song - after midnight films

castlevania for konami
boogie's diner
thunder in paradise
george & alana
fontvella using song "water" in commercials
billy's board shop[heard on kroc radio]

Websites: loosely created or re-created musical compositions for paintings on the site

Producer/Engineer [and often musician] for
Cd projects:
"The Call", "I Will Be", "Journey Home", "Discover Love" - Joe Sikorra
"Steve Smith", "Steve Smith 10050", "Dreamer", "The Free Spirit", "Dream Wicked" - Steve Smith
"My Father's Daughter", "We Sail" - Maggie Baird
"The Enzymes" - The Enzymes
"Off The Porch" - Pocket
"Wyatt Stone" - Wyatt Stone
"Leave This Town" - Big Red Sky
"Pit Sounds" - The G-Notes
"Bluer Pastures" - Bluer Pastures
"Yelling at the Mosquito"- Dave Norman
"Hard Drive"- Spyder Blue
"Grandi Atmosfere", "La Musica Delle Stelle"-- Dr. Fiorella Terenzi
"Ploughboys" - Ploughboys